Treasury sector at Export Developing Bank of Egypt offers variety of products at the best market prices. Our team is always keen to provide the best service to our clients.


Treasury products are as follows:


• Foreign Exchange Services:

1- Spot Foreign Exchange Transactions:

EBE offers competitive pricing for buying and selling major foreign currencies.

2- Foreign Exchange Orders:

Dealing room receives orders to buy / sell foreign currencies for execution in the international market 24 hours a day.

3- Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts:

These represent contracts whereby EBE buys or sells a currency against another. These transactions are set at an agreed fixed rate to be executed on a predetermined future date. Such contracts are used to cover foreign exchange exposures for trade transactions. Normal tenors could be up to 6 months.


• Daily Market Report:

Upon our clients’ request, we provide a brief report on major local and international markets news and events, interest rates, currency rates and economic indicators.


• Money Market Services:

Primary Dealers' Services:

EBE is one of the primary dealers in Egyptian Government Securities. Under this system we can offer to our clients various governmental securities, which include:

a- Treasury Bills: Short-term debt instruments issued through weekly auctions by the Ministry of Finance in various tenors: 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

T-bills are issued in EGP 25 thousand and multiples.

b- Treasury Bonds: Medium and long term debt instruments issued by MOF in tenors usually ranging from a year and half up to 10 years with interest paid on a semi-annual basis or at maturity.

It’s our pleasure to receive our customers’ requests to enter primary auctions for Treasury Bills / Bonds as well as buying and selling these in the secondary market at competitive prices.

2- Saving Products

As EBE’s customer, you can have the opportunity to invest in various saving products of short and medium term at very competitive rates in Egyptian Pound and foreign currencies.

We offer various schemes for individual clients as well as corporates.


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