Bankers Loan

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Mortgage Finance Program - Central Bank of Egypt Initiative – Middle Income Segment  Features & benefits

Petroleum Sector Loan

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Auto Loan “Easy Car”

Features & benefits Loan amounts up to EGP 1.5 million flexible loan repayment period up to 10 years

Doctors Loan

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Credit Cards

Platinum Credit Cards Buy now all you need and pay later with EBE MasterCard® ; accepted

Debit Cards

EBE Debit cards are linked to your savings or current account. EBE Cards are operational 24/7 allowing you to perform all your transactions completely cash less!

Corporate Banking and Syndicated Loans

EBE strategic role aims to develop & support the Egyptian Export sector, and to be our customer prime choice in service quality and competitiveness and this is done through providing all banking financial and commercial operations with a high quality service and efficiency.<