Nile Preneurs

Nile Preneurs

Out of our awareness of the vital role that small, medium and micro enterprises play in the Egyptian economy in terms of reducing poverty and unemployment rates, raising the rate of growth and sustainability, integrating the informal economy into the formal economy and achieving the goal of financial inclusion, our bank has participated in the Nile Preneurs initiative launched by the Central Bank in cooperation With the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority and Nile University through the initiative wings


 (Business development centers and packaging design incubator)


BDS Business Development Centers


 And there are located in  two centers


Faisal branch, address 43, King Faisal St., Al-Haram


Burj Al Arab branch and its address, Fifth Neighborhood - Services District - First District - Burj Al Arab


The services that the business development centers provide

New project idea generation service


Supporting potential youth and entrepreneurs to identify project ideas that are implementable and fit with their personal characteristics and are consistent with their local data, in addition to helping them discover whether they have the ability to establish projects and assist them in evaluating the different stages of the project idea in order to ensure the suitability of the idea for implementation.



Registration service and obtaining activity licenses

Assisting the customer in accessing the information related to the steps, procedures and required documents and assisting him in preparing a complete file to register a commercial, industrial or service activity or obtaining a license to practice the activity and the industrial register and directing the client to the nearest one-stop shop centers of the chambers of commerce or the Small, Medium and Medium Enterprises Development Agency Filigree

Feasibility studies services

Helping to prepare an integrated feasibility study as a first guiding step to start a project or expand an existing project, whether that relates to opening a new market or introducing a new product / service and ensuring economic feasibility, as well as determining the financing need for its completion and enabling it to present this study to the financing body immediately Her request.

Facilitating obtaining financing service

Providing information and data to the customer on financing products, whether banking (bank) or non-banking (factoring companies - leasing companies - venture capital companies) according to the geographical location, nature of the company’s activity and the size of the required financing, and assisting the client in preparing the credit file and the documents required to study the required financing, And raising his awareness of the methodology for dealing with financing institutions and managing bank accounts, and the factors that must be taken into account to avoid poor classification in financing institutions, whether banking or non-banking.


Financial analysis and evaluation services

Providing an initial financial analysis to the client about the financial condition of the project / company, presenting the results of the analysis and its recommendations, educating the customer and helping him make the appropriate decision

Networking service with suppliers and target markets

The networking service is based on 3 axes:

• Networking of small and medium companies with commercial chains (public / private sector) such as Metro and Carrefour

• Networking of small and medium companies with other companies of the same and other categories in order to exchange products and services

• Networking small and medium-sized companies with supply chains in a specific sector in order to help them improve their products to be present in the market and expand their customer base, allowing them to grow, increase job opportunities and increase revenues.


A service for disseminating knowledge and available data on small and medium enterprises

Providing a database through the Egypt Projects platform that includes consulting offices (financial - economic - administrative - marketing - general services offices - real estate offices - customs clearance offices), training programs available, providers of specialized consulting services and consultants with experience in the field of business and product development in Specific sectors with the possibility of obtaining this service on its own by providing computers connected to the Internet and making them available to the target customers

Training, capacity building and workshops service

With the aim of raising the administrative, organizational and legal efficiency to ensure the success of these establishments, such as training programs for project management - total quality - trademarks - coding and traceability - economic feasibility studies). This service depends on the proper evaluation of the client and the discovery of the actual needs for the quality of training required to raise and build capacity.



Packaging design business incubator


 It is a business incubator established under the auspices of our bank at Nile University in Sheikh Zayed. This incubator serves creative and enthusiastic packaging designers and supports companies by providing unique and innovative designs as well as consulting services regarding


By choosing the materials used to produce their designs, etc