Mission, Vision and values

Mission, Vision and values


To be the ideal financing partner of our customers, by primarily focusing on the exporters through offering integrated and innovative products and services aiming at optimizing the value of all our partners.


To be the leading bank in Egypt in the field of export, by offering banking and financing services specially tailored to serve the exporters, within the following framework:

  • Offering innovative and integrated banking and investment products and services at the highest international standards;
  • Using state-of-the-art technological solutions to simplify the banking operations and services;
  • Full compliance with all the legal and regulatory requirements related to the bank’s business activities;
  • Creating the perfect workplace environment for the employees; making the Bank as the Employer of choice;  

Adopting social responsibility policies to promote economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development



  • We perform our work with full integrity and we are committed to the highest performance standards;
  • We act ethically and deliver on our promises through making our actions reflect our words;
  • We possess courageous integrity;
  • We are committed to loyalty and integrity in our behavior and we rely on honesty and transparency in our actions.


  • We commit ourselves to all our pledges and agreements to build trust with all our customers and  partners;
  • We unify our goals and achieve them through active participation and cooperation;
  • We trust and support each other to achieve our goals;
  • We do not compromise on corruption nor tolerate any type of unethical practices.


  • We stay focused on our goals and seek to excel in everything we offer;
  • We act proactively, anticipating and satisfying our customers’ banking needs;
  • We seek simplicity coupled with efficiency and effectiveness in offering all our banking services;
  • We keep pace with up-to-date technological solutions to offer the best banking services.


  • We select the best people and we are keen on continuous training to achieve the highest levels of efficiency;
  • We encourage employee empowerment and delegation of authorities to create a succession plan guaranteeing sustainable success;
  • We involve employees in decision making by taking all viewpoints into account;
  • We support the collective responsibility spirit and we strive to reinforce engagement at the level of each individual.


  • We encourage unique innovative solutions and products aligned with the needs of our customers through understanding their needs;
  • We uphold simplicity in all the products and procedures that we offer, without prejudice to the rules, laws and instructions.
  • We believe that creativity and excellence are achieved only through sharing our experiences, ideas, information and know-how;
  • We strive for continuous positive change and development to achieve a better future for the Bank.