Capital and Shareholders 

Capital and Shareholders 

Capital and Shareholders:


The authorized capital of the Bank is EGP  5billion, and the issued and paid-up capital amounts to EGP   2,728  billion. All the Bank shares are of nominal value and indivisible equaling EGP 10 per share. The Bank is fully owned by Egyptians, as foreign ownership is prohibited. According to the provisions of Article no. 6 of the law of the Bank, Law 95 of 1983 public shareholding should contribute no less than 75% of the paid-up capital.


The capital structure of the Bank in 30 June 2017 is as follows:


National Investment Bank                                                                                         40.75%

Banque Misr                                                                                                                   23.13%

National Bank of Egypt                                                                                                     11.57%

Private Sector and others (free trade on Egyptian Stock Exchange Market)                       24.55%