Trade Finance & Export Promotion

Trade Finance & Export Promotion

The development of Egyptian exports is one of the main pillars of the national initiative to promote sustainable economic growth. EBE is a fully fledged bank offering a variety of banking services, we are committed to supporting exporters. Leveraging on our 35+ years of experience in promoting exports of various sectors, EBE has established the Trade Finance & Export Promotion (TFEP) sector, which aims to maximize the bank’s share of trade finance business in general and exports in particular, also contributes to the achievement of the national initiative of export promotion. The services provided are divided into two main categories:

Category 1 - Non-Financial Services

Aiming to introduce new exporters to the market through maintaining strong relationships with all export-related entities by providing the following:

A. Market intelligence researches
B. Development & Training Sessions.
C. Consultancy & Advisory
D. Work Shops.
E. Participating/Sponsoring trade fairs/missions.
F. B2B (matchmaking)

Category 2 -
Financial products

Enhance the client’s financial position and fills the lending gap leading to an efficient asset conversion cycle by providing the following:

A. Working Capital Finance
B. Financing  Import/Export transactions (Pre/Post shipment)
C. Discounting
D. Structured trade finance
E. Financing export projects
F. Competitive offers/rates for trade finance (LGs, LCs & Collections)


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