Trade Finance & Export Promotion

Trade Finance & Export Promotion

Developing the Egyptian international trade is one of the main pillars of the state’s plan to boost the economic growth, despite being a fully-fledged bank that provides all banking financial services laying on more than 35 years of presence in the market, the bank still focuses on exports and their related financial products

& non-financial services. 


Consequently, EBE established the Trade Finance & Export Promotion “TFEP” Sector, which aims to maximize the bank’s share in trade finance business generally and exports specifically


The services provided are divided into two main categories:

Category 1

Non-Financial Services

aiming to introduce new exporters to the market through maintaining strong relationships with all export-related entities by providing the following:

  1. Development & Training Sessions.
  2. Market intelligence researches.
  3. Consultancy & Advisory
  4. Work Shops.
  5. Participating/Sponsoring trade fairs/missions.
  6. B2B (matchmaking)


Category 2

Financial products

which enhance the client’s financial position and fills the lending gap leading to an efficient asset conversion cycle by providing the following:

  1. Working Capital Finance
  2. Financing related to Import/Export transactions (Pre/Post shipment)
  3. Discounting
  4. Structured trade finance
  5. Financing export projects
  6. Competitive offers/rates for trade finance (LGs, LCs & Collections)


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