Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a fundamental part of the economy in developed and developing countries. EBE has taken the initiative to finance the SMEs sector through signing an agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a world bank subsidy, which provides technical assistance, risk assessment tools as well as financing guarantee schemes and policies.

Accordingly, EBE finance SMEs with annual turnover that ranges from EGP 1 M to EGP 200 M; the bank finances companies in different economic sectors (industrial, agricultural, trade and services), with a particular interest in exporters and import substitution companies in these sectors.  

These services include:

  • Financing working capital needs during various production stages as follows:
    • Local operations finance:
      • Financing against commercial paper finance (checks/bills)
      • Financing against inventory
      • Purchases order finance
      • Local Letter of Credit (LCs)
      • Issuing Letter of Guarantee
    • International operations finance:
      • Letters of Credit (imports /exports)
      • Collection (import/export)
      • Financing export contracts, international purchase orders and/ or export LCs
      • Discounting export documents under confirmed LCs
      • Financing exporters’ receivables from the Export Development Fund
  • Financing capital expenditure (expansion / renovation) and start up projects.

EBE’s Small and Medium Enterprises departments offer their services to micro enterprises indirectly through financing the micro finance associations.
(Terms and conditions apply)

Furthermore, EBE provides finance to SMEs according to CBE initiatives as follows:

• Financing working capital and/or capital expenditure for small enterprises with interest rate 5% annually.
Financing working capital and capital expenditures for companies with a minimum annual turnover of  EGP 50 Million at annual interest rate of 8%. The CBE Initiative is available for industrial, Agribusiness, Contracting sectors.