Payments and Cash Management

Payments and Cash Management

In light of the rapid and continuous evolution of the financial and banking sector digitalized services (eg: Payments, Receivables, Liquidity and Reconciliation), as well as the Egyptian government and Central Bank of Egypt direction and supervision in that aspect, Payments and Cash Management department’s products and services ultimate target is to convert client’s payments/collection from manual channels to digital channels, which lead to a faster cash conversion cycles to our clients and hence, faster profits realization, putting them on track from a digitalization perspective and minimizing manual work and hence human errors.


This is beside granting the following advantages:


-Internet banking to following up electronic transfers to know in which phase the transfer is.

-Transfer and/or picking up client’s funds, received from their customers or the electronic ones responsible for various types of payments through different payment/collection channels (Internet Banking).

-Transfer money in different currencies to all banks inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt easily, quickly and safely.

- Investment: Assist clients in managing their liquidity and that movement of funds are in favor of their work related direction.

- Reducing manual work and switching to digitalization, which limits errors and work disruptions.

- Transparency and ease in controlling money in terms of amount, currency, and country.

- Provide daily reports that assist in reconciliation and audits.