International Relations

International Relations


The International Relations Sector - IR - ensures on going successful banking relationships with financial, non-financial institutions and donor agencies.  The IR Sector builds, maintains and expands a solid base of foreign and local correspondents to fulfill its clients’ requirements.  In its efforts to maximize the Bank’s profitability, IR Sector explores and identifies new quality bank relationships focusing on target markets as stipulated by the Bank’s strategy for growth. It also uses its correspondents’ network to expand its capabilities across countries beyond traditional payments and trade finance transactions to further enhance the bank’s profitability.



In line with the Egyptian government's strategy to double the volume of Egyptian exports by 2020 and EBE role as one of the Egyptian government's arms to develop and increase Egyptian exports, EBE will continue to focus on helping exporters to increase Egyptian exports by opening new outlets and reaching out foreign markets.  This includes African markets as well as other potential export markets.  It will also provide non-financial services to exporters in the form of specialized market information, advisory and counseling services on foreign markets access.



The International Relations Sector main objectives are summarized as follows:


  • Continue to build, expand and strengthen the network of external and local correspondents to meet all customer needs. 
  • Maximize the profitability of the bank through its network of financial institutions by implementing traditional and non-conventional banking transactions. 
  • Expand the network of correspondents in the African continent as well as other new potential markets for exporters. 
  • Strengthen the bank's financial resources through funds procurement at competitive prices and as required by the bank’s business units.
  • Work on receiving technical assistance programs /grants from by international financial institutions and donors to implement best practice and increase work efficiency across the Bank Business Units. 
  • Liaise and work closely with the government export bodies; including Ministry of Trade and Industry, General Organization for Export and Import Control, Exporters Association, Chambers of Commerce and Export Councils to enhance the competitiveness of Egyptian exports, supports export projects with the necessary financing and provide non-financial services as required by Egyptian exporters.


Bank Name



Wells Fargo bank, London



Zurcher KantonalBank, Switzerland


               Danske Bank A/S, Copenhagen


                      Central Bank of Egypt, Cairo


                         Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


 Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main


 Standard Chartered Bank, London


          Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tokyo


DNB Bank ASA, Oslo


             National Commercial Bank , Jeddah


Wells Fargo Bank, New York


Nordea Bank AB (PUBL), Sweden


              Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong

Hong Kong


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